105th Airlift Wing

Who We Are 
The 105th Airlift Wing has more than 2100 assigned personnel in over 90 career fields. The base is assigned C-17 Globemaster III airlift aircraft. We are a component of the Air National Guard and have dual missions, one federal and one state. When federally activated we respond to the nation's needs as a fully trained reserve for the United States Air Force. We are always ready to respond to the needs of New York for contingencies here at home.

The Wing's flying component: the 137th Airlift Squadron, regularly fly missions around the world assisting our nation's armed forces expeditionary combat support commitments. Since 1985 the unit has proudly served the airlift needs of our nation in every major contingency. The 105th Airlift Wing has transported relief aid and personnel to humanitarian missions around the globe, across the nation and right here in New York State. Stewart hosts two tenant units, the 213th Engineering Installation Squadron, New York Air National Guard and Marine Innovation Unit.

Economic Impact
The 105th Airlift Wing's annual payroll including contracts & services plus more than 500 jobs created equals $171 million brought into the lower Hudson Valley in fiscal year 2021. 

Unit Statistics
· Base was completed in 1993 at a cost of 155 million dollars
· Resides on 250 acres at Stewart International Airport, with a runway length of 11,818 feet
· 105AW's Full-Time Fire Department serves Stewart IAP and the Air Guard Base 24/7
· We are located 60 miles North of New York City

Airlift Totals: Fiscal Year 2022
· Total Missions: 282
· Cargo Total: 9,733,409 lbs
· Total Passengers: 3,511
· Sorties: 1050
· Flying Hours: 3614

Community Commitment
· Stewart Air Guard and Marine Reservists donated over 8,780 pints of blood since July '97
· 105th Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen Inc. generated over $135,000 in scholarship awards
· Annual 105AW Young Champions Ceremony for disabled children and young adults
· Aircraft tours held from April through October for local community and organizations
· Home unit for the Orange County Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol
· Home of Troop-105 children with special needs Boy Scouts troop
· Stewart Military Affairs Council (STEWMAC) unites local government, business, civic groups and organizational leaders in support of Stewart Air National Guard Base.
· The 105th Airlift Wing became the Point of Debarkation for Air Force Operation LEAN FORWARD airlift of critically needed utility vehicles and linemen for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the Northeast and key hub of Hurricane Sandy / Tropical Storm relief operations from Nov. 1st - Dec. 16, 2012. Stewart hosted contracted recovery and relief teams as well as deploying Air Guard personnel to Camp Smith, Peekskill, N.Y., Lexington Avenue Armory, Manhattan and Long Island N.Y. to assist in recovery efforts.

Our People
The 105th Airlift Wing is comprised of 4 Groups and 11 squadrons and flights. Our personnel hold positions such as aircrew, aircraft maintainers, cargo handlers and information technology, to name a few. Many of the Wing's over 2100 personnel, with 800 being full-time employees, are from the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area and the Hudson Valley Region.

Aircraft and Facilities
· Operated Locheed C-5 Galaxy aircraft from 1985-2012. 
· Converted to operating the C-17 on Apr. 1, 2011.
· 105th Base Defense Squadron is the first Security Forces Super Squadron in the Air National Guard
· The 213th Engineering Installation Squadron, a 105AW tenant unit, whose mission is to plan, engineer, install and sustain timely, efficient and effective C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) solutions that will enable the war fighter to achieve victory at any level of conflict.