105th Airlift Wing Recruiters

MSgt Grant Drumgold

Officer Recruiter

Email: Grant.Drumgold.1@us.af.mil

Phone: (845) 554-8512

TSgt Franklin Angel

Officer/Enlisted Recruiter

Email: Franklin.Angel@us.af.mil

Phone: (845) 542-8935

TSgt Christina Acevedo

Enlisted Recruiter

Email: Christina.Acevedo@us.af.mil

Phone: (845) 972-1932

TSgt Jessica Vega

Enlisted Recruiter

Email: Jessica.Vega.10@us.af.mil

Phone: (845) 972-1932

SSgt Odayne Tully

Enlisted Recruiter

Email: Odayne.Tully@us.af.mil

Phone: (845) 600-5023

TSgt Taylor Ogden

Recruiter/Retention Officer

Email: Taylor.Ogden@us.af.mil

Phone: (845) 219-4077


Who We Are

The 105th recruiting team is here to assist in finding the right career for you! Whether you're interested in serving part time, full time or advancing in your civilian career, we're ready to help you embark on the first steps toward joining the N.Y. Air National Guard.


Contact Us

Recruiting Office
Comm: 845-563-2195
DSN: 636-2195

Retention Office
Comm: 845-563-2193
DSN: 636-2193

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