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105th AW Hosts The ANG Production Assessment Team

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Patrick Espeut
  • 105th Airlift Wing

The 105th Airlift Wing hosted the Air National Guard Production Assessment Team at Stewart Air National Guard Base May 9-12, to help the unit increase their aircraft availability.

The PAT consisted of nine subject matter experts from various fields including quality assurance, production superintendents, plans and scheduling, analysis, and materiel management.

The purpose of the PAT is to assist individual wings in identification of opportunities for increased effectiveness with fleet and resource management practices. The ultimate goal being to increase the ANG’s overall aircraft availability.

“The end purpose of being here is to increase aircraft availability across the Guard and really across the Air Force.” said Chief Master Sgt. Steve Countryman, ANG Advisor with Air Force Materiel Command. “What we do is come in and visit sections, talk to the leadership and really just recommend some ways that we can make things more efficient in the unit.”

Having a second set of eyes to oversee procedures is always valuable and Col. Kristopher R. Geis, commander of the 105th Maintenance Group, was extremely appreciative of the teams efforts.

“Under the outstanding leadership of both Lt. Col. Huchel and Chief Master Sgt. Bethea, this very professional team conducted a thorough assessment of our operations,” Geis said. “I assure you that the team’s recommendations will be woven into the Maintenance Group’s daily operations moving forward to better improve our overall process and procedures.”

Implementing the PAT recommendations will also enable the 105th AW to meet its daily requirements outlined in the National Defense and National Military Strategy documents

“If we went to war tomorrow, how many aircraft are we going to have available?” said Countryman. “The one thing that units can affect is getting aircraft fixed faster and back out there and available for the fight.”