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105th Airlift Wing Change of Command

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Col. Ryan Dannemann assumed command of the 105th Airlift Wing during a ceremony Jan. 6 at Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York.

Brig. Gen. Gary Charlton relinquished command to Dannemann after serving 22 months in the position, taking on his new role as Director of Air National Guard Operations in Washington, D.C.

“I felt it was fitting to reflect back on the speech I gave just 22 short months ago to the day,” Charlton said while addressing Airmen of the 105th. “I challenged you to be the greatest C-17 Wing in the Mobility Air Forces... Not only did you do all that, but you did so much more.”

The change of command ceremony was attended by members of the 105th Airlift Wing, community leaders and distinguished visitors, including Maj. Gen. Denise M. Donnell, the commander of the New York Air National Guard.

“Gary, thank you for your laser focus on safety, strength and readiness,” Donnell said in her remarks. “Two years ago you were absolutely the right leader for the 105th. And now you are absolutely the right leader for a national role at the National Guard Bureau.”

Charlton passed his torch to Dannemann with the exchange of the guidon, a flag that represents the Wing, in a symbolic gesture of the command authority being transferred from one commander to the next.

Following the passing of the guidon, Charlton expressed his confidence in Dannemann to take up the torch as the next commander of the 105th Airlift Wing.

“It’s your time, you’re the right person to write the next chapter in the 105th’s history,” Charlton stated.

Since receiving his commission in 2002, Dannemann has served in a number of positions at the 105th Airlift Wing with increasing responsibility.

Some of his most notable roles include serving as a C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster III instructor pilot for the 137th Airlift Squadron, the inspector general for the Wing, and the commander of the 105th Maintenance Squadron and the 137th Airlift Squadron. He has also served as the deputy commander and commander of the 105th Operations Group.

“For anyone who knows me well, they know this is my dream job,” Dannemann said. “And when I refer to ‘dream job’, I am not referring to Wing Commander. I am referring to being an Airman here at Stewart. I love the 105th.”

Dannemann concluded his assumption of command by expressing gratitude to his mentors, praising the service of the 105th’s Airmen and thanking the families that continue to support the 105th, including his own.

“All of us pay a certain price and our families [bear] a substantial burden so that we can serve our state and nation, and remain always ready. Thank you.”