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105th Airlift Wing Recruiters Win National Awards

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Rebekah Wilson

New York Guardsmen from 105th Airlift Wing’s recruiting office were ranked among the highest performing recruiters in the nation by the Air National Guard for their accomplishments throughout 2023.

Master Sgt. Grant Drumgold, the flight chief for the 105th’s recruiting office, was selected as the Recruiting Flight Chief of the Year for his efficacy in leading and overseeing the performance of his team. Tech. Sgt. Franklin Angel, the senior recruiter on the team, was awarded Rookie Recruiter of the Year for his exceptional enlistment rates with less than two years in the job field, outperforming all other ANG recruiters with similar experience levels.

Drumgold credited his recognition to the performance of his team, the desirable jobs at the 105th and the Wing’s unique and enticing airlift mission.

His motivation on the job stems from his long-lasting desire to be a recruiter, tracing all the way back to when he first joined the Air Force 12 years ago.

“I’ve always wanted to be a recruiter,” Drumgold recalled. “It’s hard to explain, but I just always thought it would be cool. I wanted to do it from the day I joined the Air Force.”

Unable to become a recruiter right after enlisting, Drumgold began his military career in the Civil Engineer Squadron as a structural maintenance specialist.

“I worked in structures over in CE, which is basically a carpenter,” he explained. “I personally think it’s the most useful career field in the Air Force because having that skillset is so valuable in the civilian world.”

A few years later, the opportunity arose to join the 105th's recruiting team and Drumgold was quick to volunteer. He noted the joy that comes with meeting new applicants, working with a great office and potentially changing someone’s life.

Angel had a slightly different background before becoming a recruiter, as he served in the 105th's Security Forces Squadron since 2014. Following two deployments and numerous trips with the squadron, he decided he wanted to diversify his skillset and applied to join the recruiting team.

“I wanted to do something different and I saw that this was a nice, tight-knit unit,” Angel said.

He went on to explain the fulfillment that comes with seeing different Airmen he enlisted around base and watching them progress through their military careers.

Angel also expressed gratitude to his team and discussed how going above and beyond can lead to recognitions such as this one.

“I think what helped me earn this award was volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, finishing my second Community College of the Air Force degree and joining teams around base,” he remarked. “Having all those extra things beyond your daily duties is what sets you apart.”

Drumgold and Angel expressed immense gratitude to their team for the 105th's excellent recruiting performance and their own national recognition.

“Everybody’s job is obviously important, but it all starts with recruiting,” Drumgold explained. “If we aren’t doing our job and finding people for the positions on base, the mission can’t get completed. We have a very important career field and I think we’re doing a great job.”

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