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105th SFS Ramps Up Training With 820th

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jonathan Young
The 105th Security Forces Squadron continued their preparation of their new mission supporting the 820th SFS from Moody Air Force Base, Ga. Although plenty of organizational preparation has been going on, over 25 members of the 820th came here so the units could begin working side by side.
The 820th was able to bring several of their specialized vehicles up by way of the 137th Airlift Squadron here. A C5A Galaxy flew to Moody Sept. 14 and picked up the equipment and airman.

Once here the training ramped up at a unique facility off base. The complex consists of over 50 unused buildings making a perfect training simulator for an urban environment. The training consisted of mounted and dismounted drills.

Master Sgt. Shawn Beahan, the NCOIC of training for the 105th SFS, explained that the training was to get the 105th airmen on the exact same page as the 820th by focusing on fundamentals and taking it slow. This will ensure the muscle memory they're creating is the correct way to operate in similar situations, he added. 

The training was primarily taught by members of the 820th to share their expertise in real world experiences they've had while deployed.

"Very professional, definitely highly motivated," said Master Sgt. Donald Gallagher from the 820th SFS and an instructor for the training.
The mission is unique to the units because they are policing areas outside the air bases they are stationed out. Typically security forces squadrons have the responsibility of keeping the bases themselves secure. The 820th usually replaces Army military police units where they are working outside the wire.

There will be 15 members of the 105th SFS deploying with the 820th sometime in the early part of 2010. As the time goes on the 105th SFS will be deploying airman to the fight down range on regular rotations. The new mission for the 105th will add approximately 214 traditional Guard authorizations to support the tasking.